2. Blue   English Version of original song of Amit Hayo. lyrics+music: Amit Hayo Production: Ronen Halevi+Eyal Epstein
3. Give me the peace  – Original song of Amit Hayo. lyrics+music: Amit Hayo Production: Oov

The songs of the Second Album are: You’re Still Beautiful, And If there’s More Love, Love Hate, I’m Losing You , After the Rain ( Fire), The Rest Isn’t Important, The One That You Love, The Peak, Happy  Gay and A New World 

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The songs of the First Album are: True that i’ve loved, Masecet, Treasure of Thoughts, The Life Without You, Slightly Different Man, World of Beauty, Lonliness Knocking on my Door, I Know, To Touch You and You are Waiting

you can hear the full playlist of WORLD OF BEAUTY, the debut album at this link

4. Gidi  – Amit Hayo’s first cover to the hit of Sharon Lifshitz from 1983

lyrics: Dan toren, music:Sharon Lifshitz, Production: Shiko Feldman